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" I will support, motivate and guide you along the way to your success; whatever your needs and goals "

"The WFW Experience"

"If it does not challenge you, it does not change you"

- Fred Devito

In 1999, I left Benin for France, which afforded me the opportunity to further express my passion for bodybuilding and overall fitness through competitions and exhibitions. My work as a sales representative for Weider Fitness allowed me to share my knowledge of nutrition while talking with potential customers about the importance of diet and supplements as a part of an overall fitness plan.  


Fitness is a thriving industry in the U.S, so it was a natural step for me to become a Personal Trainer when I moved here and make my "passion my profession!"


The most exciting moments of my fitness career are yet to come!

With certifications from the leading fitness credentialing  organization in the nation, let me put my expertise to work for you:

  • Certified Personal Trainer

  • Senior Fitness Specialist

  • Corrective Exercise Specialist

  • Performance Enhancement Specialist 

  • Certification in Reactive Training

  • Certification in Flexibility Training

  • CPR/AED Certified

"Our Goal is to help you reach yours...whatever they are"

My team is certified and experienced 

we maintain the most current fitness knowledge for your best experience


                       Our Services

  • Overall Fitness

  • Weight Loss

  • Strength and Endurance  

  • Muscle Gain and Body Building

  • Senior Fitness

  • Youth Fitness

  • Pre-Surgery and Post-Rehab

  • Injury Prevention (Corrective Exercise)

  • Sport Performance

  • Balance and Flexibility

  • Agility, speed and Quickness

  • Wellness for Diabetics

  • Fitness Consulting (Exercises And Diet)

  • Meal Plan Creation (For Weight Loss,     Weight Gain and Performance)

  • On-line Training

Above all I make sure this is a fun, successful and safe experience for you:

  • I will design the most relevant program for you and show you the best form for each exercise;


  • I will gradually increase your challenges as you progress to keep moving you towards improved fitness, bringing variety to your training regimen so you never get bored;


  • I will give you fitness "homework" if you need or want to do more on your own or if you want to move towards maintaining your fitness routine on your own;


  • I will be your champion during our sessions and beyond for both exercise and diet, offering you nutrition guidance or better, a meal plan to follow;


  • I will reassess frequently and adjust as needed;


  • I will be committed to your success because your success is my success!

The “WilPower For Wellness Experience" is a full service fitness effort, designed to give you a different and better experience with personal training!!

  • Trainings in a private fitness studio in Bethesda downtown. Very close to Chevy Chase, Kensington and Silver Spring and DC

  • Free parking in our lot

  • No membership required

  • We come to your house or the facility of your choice as well

  • On-line Training, convenient to buy just a program for those who can workout on their own or who are living too far for us to meet physically or video sessions.

  • Meal plan and Nutrition guidance

  • Fitness and Diet Consultation

  • Small group personal training

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