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" I will support, motivate and guide you along the way to your success; whatever your needs and goals "

About Wil . . .

Owner and Founder

Our Commitment

Fitness and helping people experience its amazing benefits is my passion.


My fitness adventure started over two decades ago in my home country of Benin where I made my own barbells from concrete poured into cans.  Nothing could stop my creativity in designing exercises and tools or my thirst for learning from the countless fitness magazines I would read.


After five years of focusing on my own bodybuilding routine, my enthusiasm for the sport led me to open my own personal training facility: “Willy’s Power Gym.”  In a small building owned by my father, I created a gym with used cardio equipment and with the help of a welder, built weightlifting equipment made from recycled iron. 

 I have gathered  a team of skilled  trainers and a nutritionist to serve you with passion


Along with the needs you've already identified, we will determine any other areas where improvement is needed; such as muscle imbalance and posture issues to prevent injury and help you perform better. 


We will train you with the most exciting, safest, and most efficient routine to help you achieve the best “you” ever.

We will help you with your diet as well.


All you need is the “WilPower” to commit. It is a team effort.


We look forward  to using our knowledge and enthusiasm to create a winning partnership with you!

In 1999, I left Benin for France, which afforded me the opportunity to further express my passion for bodybuilding and overall fitness through competitions and exhibitions. My work as a sales representative for Weider Fitness, allowed me to share my knowledge of nutrition while talking with potential customers  about the importance of diet and supplements as a part of an overall fitness plan.  


Fitness is a thriving industry in the U.S, so it was a natural step for me to become a Personal Trainer when I moved here and make my "passion my profession!"


The most exciting moments of my fitness career are yet to come!


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