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" I will support, motivate and guide you along the way to your success; whatever your needs and goals "


I've been working out with Wil for a few months now, and his passion for fitness and health is contagious. I've dealt with a nagging back injury for a few years, which prevented me from working out. When physical therapy wasn't helping, I decided to focus on losing weight and strengthening my back. Wil created a plan that helped me lose 17 pounds over the past six weeks, and my back hasn't felt this good in years. I've seen trainers in the past who simply put clients through the same old routine of machines, but Wil is constantly researching new exercises to maximize his clients' workouts in the most efficient way possible.

Jacquie & Phil

Wil works with my husband, who has ALS, and with me. Phil almost completely paralyzed. He feels that the hours with Wil are some of the best hours of the week. When he learned of my husband's illness, Wil did his own research, applying with the wealth of information he has regarding body mechanics. He does gentle stretching and resistance work, giving my husband an enormous amount of relief, and helping him to maintain some measure of strength. When he works with me, he is sensitive to my own issues, whether they are intermittent or on-going. He always remembers what physical issues I may be facing, and challenges me so that I can both maintain and improve my stamina, strength and flexibility. In addition, Wil and Phil share thoughts on music, literature, and languages. They speak English, French and German together. My husband is a retired musician, and has a very wide range of musical tastes, and has discovered the same in Wil.

Ed & Lisa K.

We are 80 yrs. young and are going on a trip where there is a lot of walking. We were recommended to Wil from a friend.. He is the most knowledgeable about the human body and clearly a gift for us both.. He is passionate about his work and his clients .He is a true professional. His intelligence and sensitivity are rare in this complex world. He is a marvelous leader in every way. .Wil is unique and creative for persons of ANY age!!


I was referred to Wil because I needed help to cure back pain after a fall from a ladder. I had gone as far as I could go with doctors and chiropractors. I still experienced situations that would tire my back very rapidly, limiting what I could do. Wil developed a program to strengthen my core and coupled that to work on improving my balance. While working on my back problem, Wil also identified other deficiencies in my conditioning and has provided exercises to improve them also. I thought I was in decent condition for my age, mid-70s, because I was fairly active before the accident. Wil's program to address those deficiencies he spotted has me in better condition now than I would have been in had I not had that fall. He is easy to work with, enthusiastic, and also monitors the workouts very carefully so as not to overstress you and create a new problem. Wil has also been very accommodating in altering the scheduling of sessions on short notice. I recommend him highly.

Barry H.

51 year old marathoner and ultra guy who thought he knew it all, Wil has taught me exercises, drills and stretches that have me setting personal LIFETIME bests at this age...improved explosiveness, better balance, stronger core and challenging yet fun sessions...I have no doubt Wil has knowledge and exercises that can improve all athletes, and he makes it all fun and pleasant while you work your butt off....I feel great, stronger yet lighter on my feet than ever before...THANKS WIL....Barry


I had never used a trainer before and wanted to work out to get ready to climb the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu for my 70th birthday. Wil got me into shape for a successful five-day trek in the Andes. Wil is skilled, solid, careful in his work, committed to helping his clients, willing to make me work, but always sensitive to my needs and age.


Wil is creative and makes the workouts fun. I have been working with him for 2 years, and I don't think we ever did the same workout twice. I look forward to our sessions because I know he will always have the energy to motivate me. When I need an extra challenge, he does the workouts right alongside me to encourage me to reach my maximum potential. Before working with Wil, I had trouble with my knees that I didn't think would ever get better. Wil knew how to address it with the proper exercises, and I no longer have knee pain when I walk up steps. My workouts with Wil always leave me feeling healthier and happier!

Aaron F.

I had Wil as a personal trainer for about 2 years while I lived in Bethesda. My goals were to increase strength and muscle mass with a focus on improving my bench press. Wil was fantastic! He helped critique my form and push me to achieve my goals. I HIGHLY recommend him to anyone interested in weight lifting. He's incredibly knowledgeable, experienced, and an amazing trainer. Trust me, trainers of this caliber are hard to find! If the military hadn't moved me out of the area, I'd still be working with Wil!


I have been with Wil for 2 years, I am so happy with my results! I started with 170 lb and now weigh only 134 lb. Wil has been helping me maintain it and always motivate me to workout. He is great! Very professional and serious about training he trains me hard (which I love). I have been sending all my friends and whoever want to work out and build a great body to him and they all are happy. Thank you Will for being the best!

Joan T.

I've been training with Wil now for over a year. Thanks to Wil, I've shed over ten pounds, three inches round the waist and several body years. I wear size 2 to 4 and my friends and family say I look fantastic! More importantly, I am energized, more flexible, confident with my balance, stronger and more toned. Also, I have arthritis in my hips but with Wil's help I stay pain free. I look forward to my training. Wil is a real professional, a gentleman and good fun! I have no hesitation in recommending him.

Michelle G.

I am 40 years old and have always taken good care of my health and body. In the past, I have belonged to gyms, taken fitness classes, linked up to some boot camps, had my fair share of trainers, worked coaches, consultants, and nutritionists...all with the common goal of assisting me in achieving my health goals. However, there has never been anyone quite like Trainer Wil. If you see Wil, you can understand why...with a consistent smile on his face, professionalism above anyone you know, strength, motivation, and knowledge, no one compares. There has never been one trainer that has ever motivated me the way Wil has! Wil is an addiction! The more you are with him, the harder you want to work and strive, and beg for his expertise.


He is very dedicated and works hard and it really shows that he truly loves his job. He always has words of encouragement and helps me actually feel like the strong woman he believes I am. Since I began working with Wil, I feel more toned and have more energy and strength than ever before.? I would highly recommend
Wil as a personal trainer and would encourage anyone seeking a trainer to hire Wil.

Carole A.

I have been training with Wil for almost two years and highly recommend him.  I am stronger, more flexible and more fit than at any point in my life.  I've lost weight and gained muscle definition.  Wil keeps my workouts interesting by changing them up every week and always pays close attention to posture, position and technique to avoid strain or injury.  He pushes me to do more, but always listens.  He is unfailingly positive and encouraging and truly loves what he does.

Melissa U.

Wil is an excellent trainer who worked with my 14 year old daughter for a few months while she was ill. He was always patient with her and very upbeat and positive. He seems very knowledgeable and used a variety of exercises to mix up the routine often, making training more interesting. He has a great personality, is always punctual and very friendly . Obviously, he must be a great trainer... just look at his physique! I highly recommend him!

Monica E.

I have been training with Wil for almost two years and every workout is still fun and challenging.  Wil has taught me great technique and has taught me how to breathe properly when lifting. Wil has a unique way of fitting abs exercises in without feeling like you are doing multiple crunches.  He gives me routines that I can do on my own at home and also helps me keep a healthier lifestyle when it comes to my diet.  Before I met Wil I never thought I would enjoy working out as much as I do now.  He is very dedicated and works hard and it really shows that he truly loves his job.  He always has words of encouragement and helps me actually feel like the "strong woman" he believes I am.  Since I began working with Wil, I feel more toned and have more energy and strength than ever before.  I would highly recommend Wil as a personal trainer and would encourage anyone seeking a trainer to hire Wil.

Jennifer G.

I have been training with Wil for several months. He has improved my strength and overall health. He stays right with me, spots me, counts with me, times me and just plain encourages me through the workouts he has developed for me. I work with him for 30 minutes two times a week and I see and feel the results of the workouts he prepares for me. Thanks Wil!

Kasia T.

I can't even start describing, how happy I am with my results, after working with Wil for the last 11 weeks. I was never a fitness freak. As a child I didn't participate in any sports. It wasn't until my mid 30s that I took on running. While not particularly heavy, at the age of 36, I  finally decided to lose 25 lbs that I gained slowly over last 13 years. 

Wil was recommended to me by two friends, who had been training with him for a while. Having a demanding work schedule with highly unpredictable hours, I was doubtful whether I'd be able to find an option fitting in my "early mornings/ late nights" work schedule. But nothing was impossible for Wil. He was willing to accommodate to my irregular hours, and even occasional 5:30am training sessions were not an issue for him. 

I work out with Wil twice a week for 30 minutes. His sessions are challenging, hard and, most of all, fun. He pays a lot of attention to form, and pushes me just the right amount. All the exercises are complex, working multiple muscle groups at the same time. That way after 30 minutes, I feel like having run at least a 10-miler. Most of the exercises use body weight/ or barbells which makes it easy to reproduce when I work out on my own. 

Wil is also providing a lot of good nutritional and motivational tips. Although I chose not to buy a package including nutrition plan, Wil is always stressing the importance of diet, lifestyle and choices we face at every step. And when he finds an interesting "useful tip", he would share it by text or FB. 

So far I lost 11 lbs, and some of my last season clothes are "hanging" on me (which I absolutely love). I'm looking forward to continuing with my plan of weight loss and toning my muscles. 

Thank you, Wil.

Kara B.

Will was recommended to me by a friend of mine and I can not say enough good things! He is helping me to get in shape for my wedding and constantly keeps me motivated throughout the week. He goes above and beyond our scheduled sessions to check in and make sure I am eating right and staying on track with my workouts. He has constructed a workout plan for me to do at home the days I do not see him. Will is extremely positive and motivational and makes working out enjoyable as it can be. He is always going above and beyond to make sure I am hitting my goals. Highly recommend him!!

Steve G.

Wil is simply the best trainer I have ever worked with.  I needed a trainer to help get me back on track but I was reluctant to say the least.  Wil checks in with me outside of our sessions and has a genuine care for his clients.  He is extremely knowledgeable and professional and goes above and beyond.  I have now been going for 2 years and I cannot even remember life without him or imagine not going.  My wife and I both go and I have referred several clients.  I haven't felt better this good in years and look forward to going to each session.  If you are looking for a Trainer Wil is your guy.

Lisa G.

Wil trained my 14 year old daughter, Mary, during the summer before her freshman year, in anticipation of her trying out for the high school soccer team. Mary was anxious, as she was starting a new high school and was concerned about the high expectations the soccer coach had set for the girls' level of conditioning. Not only did Wil help improve Mary's strength and endurance, using a variety of exercises and tools, he kept her laughing, and changed things up so artfully that I'm not sure she knew how hard she was working! He also improved her self-confidence immensely. She came out of each (very) rigorous workout, but with a big smile. While Mary didn't make the final cut for varsity, she was one of only three freshmen girls even considered (a result beyond her wildest dreams) and I attribute this in large part to Wil's wonderful training.

Carole A.

I have been training with Wil for seven months now and highly recommend him. Wil develops a different training session for me each week that is challenging, but do-able. He addresses strength, endurance and balance, providing guidance and correction with professionalism and a good sense of humor. He steps up my workouts on a regular basis, but still listens to me, which is important at my age. And I am seeing results -- increased muscle, definition, strength and I'm losing weight!

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