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WilPower For Wellness

Wil Adjanohoun

Your  Master Trainer

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15% off of ONE month of personal training customized to your needs and goals; suitable for seniors of all ages and genders

GET THE HELP YOU NEED  to regain strength, flexibility, balance and mobility!

Are you looking to have a different and better experience with personal training?

Take advantage of this discount to have the “Wilpower For Wellness” experience!  I will use my contagious passion and 30 years of fitness experience to safely help you improve your overall fitness so you can do things you like better and with more ease.

Don't let age hold you back any more, you van make a change

I Offer:

  • Virtual sessions in the comfort and safety of your home, all over the world

  • In-person sessions in a private fitness studio in downtown Bethesda

  • The help you need to exercise safely and effectively

  • Nutrition guidance

  • The motivation, accountability and support for long term results

Whatever the goal, need, ailment or condition, exercise can help, and I can help you exercise!

"My passion and my expertise are at your service for your fitness and your wellness.

I will support, motivate and guide you along the way to your success; whatever your needs and goals"

My team and I are committed to your safety and success     


- Wil Adjanohoun -

Master Trainer

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Our Testimonials

Read Our Testimonials Below And Then Contact Us For More Information

" I've been working out with Wil for a few months now, and his passion for fitness and health is contagious. I've dealt with a nagging back injury for a few years, which prevented me from working out. When physical therapy wasn't helping, I decided to focus on losing weight and strengthening my back. Wil created a plan that helped me lose 17 pounds over the past six weeks, and my back hasn't felt this good in years. I've seen trainers in the past who simply put clients through the same old routine of machines, but Wil is constantly researching new exercises to maximize his clients' workouts in the most efficient way possible. "


- Zach

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